Marbella Trip

After years of watching the only way is Essex gang on their annual Marbella trips, Marbs has remained on my holiday bucket list for a while. 

Since watching the show and seeing a host of socialites post on Instagram each summer, I have obsessed about visiting this beautiful destination. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out my mother had only gone and booked a surprise family trip to Marbella!!! 

Finally my dream became a reality and I have never been more excited, I have travelled to Spain many times before. But I just knew that Marbella was going to be a whole lot different and let me tell you  I WAS NOT WRONG!!! 

You know when you imagine something to be so good in your head, but it never really pans out the way you imagined? Well Marbella was everything I imagined and more, the worst part of any holiday for me is usually the coach transfer from the airport to the hotel. But not this time I loved every moment of the Journey, we drove for an hour through Marbella and the whole time my eyes were fixated on the Beautiful golden beaches, perfectly architected buildings and the sassy sports cars driving up and down the roads at top speed. 


Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 21.13.17
Aloha Gardens – Our Acommodation

What did I get up to.

Marbella is best known for its nightclubs and luxury venues, I myself am not really your raving kind of gal. So I took advantage of everything else Marbella had to offer and I did not fall short of things to do.

Old Town Marbella

A lot of tourists that go to Marbella are so drawn in by the flashy modern side of it, they don’t get to experience this gem of a location. I almost didn’t go myself actually until a lady that worked in the local shop insisted I must. From the apartment it cost about 10 euro in the taxi to Old Town and took approx 20- 25 mins to get there. Once the taxi had dropped us off on the main road, it was about a 5 minute walk. This place is honestly the most stunning location I have ever seen, the streets were narrow and windy, there was a sudden array of white buildings and tons of cutesy boutique shops ( Whats not to love ). This is such a picturesque place you can’t help but get your camera out every second the perfect spot for bloggers and photographers. 



Puerto Banus Harbour

If you love glitz and glam Puerto Banus is the place to be, I had heard so much about it prior to my trip I just had to experience it for myself. This is place is deemed as the “Millionaire’s playground” and I couldn’t put it better myself. It has tons of glitzy restaurants and cocktail bars and a whole host of designer boutique stores such as; Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and so much more. A family friend of ours owns a yacht  on the harbour, so once We had toured around the shops and had a bite to eat. We took residence on the yacht for the rest of the afternoon taking in the breathtaking views, it was definitely nice to experience how the other half live!


What I ate 

With a luxury destination, comes a luxury price on the food and drinks also. Literally everywhere we travelled to within Marbella if we wanted a bite to eat, we could expect to be greeted by a waiter in a black and white suit holding a menu with an expensive leather sleeve. Having said this the attention to detail with the food was amazing and the staff could not do enough for us. There was a crepe resturant right by where we were staying which served THE best crepes and waffles I have ever tasted, I must say they were most definately one of the highlights of the trip for me.




Would I go again? 

YES, YES and YES!! This place is amazing literally amazing, From the location we stayed down to the day to day activities. If you haven’t been or thinking about going on holiday to Spain. You should most definitely add Marbella to your bucket list.

Whats on your holiday bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below I would love some inspo for my next trip 🙂


Lots of love.

Ria x


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