Stylish Gym-sets that will make you want to hit the gym asap.

“I am getting back on it for real now!!” This is what I say to myself every Sunday evening after I have spent the whole weekend indulging in “Bad food”. Who else is guilty of this raise your hand?! But all jokes a side I am seriously going to get back on it  as, I literally have fallen off the wagon since my Barcelona trip and not only did I come back with extra baggage in my suitcase but also on my tummy, thighs, hips you name it “Cries silently”. I wanted to do a mini series on my blog inspired by what motivates me to get my a** back in the Gym, so lets start with Gym wear. 

When I first started going to the gym I would wear a baggy top, tracksuit bottoms and a worn out pair of converse. Even though I hit my fitness goals and felt amazing, I still felt like their was something missing. Yep you guessed it a cute ass gym kit I mean thats part of the reason we work so hard in the gym right? To show off our results….


So lets start with Gym Shark  I am obsessed with their gym range for woman, not only is it super cute but it is soooo flattering for your physique. Personally I love to wear high waisted seamless legging whilst working out because it really does work wonders for my figure. 

  1. They cinch in your waist and make it look tiny
  2. They make your bum look extra peachy 😛 

These are my favourites from their new range;

Gymshark Energy + Seamless Leggings £45.00

For those of you who follow me on my socials, you will know that I have been urm lets just say generously blessed up top ” Which may I add I am now starting to embrace”. But lets be honest they can be a bit of a nuisance whilst working out, so I like to opt for a sports bra that has adjustable straps and fully supports me whilst working out. 

Gymshark Energy + Seamless Sports Bra £30.00

Ivy Park

There are so many reasons why I love this brand, not only is it designed by one of my favourite female singers but the whole range is; stylish, edgy and gives gymwear a whole new meaning. Some of the items in the range are not for the faint hearted and no matter how body confident I am, some of the items I probably wouldnt wear to the gym I already get enough stares when I take a mirror selfie lol. 

Topshop has now reduced the entire Ivy Park range on their website, so you can bag yourself a stylish gym kit and save some dollar. Sounds like a win win to me! 

Caging Leggings by Ivy Park Was £55 Now £44

Caging Bra by Ivy Park Was £38.00 Now £30.60

Gone are the days where you could just rock up to the gym without a hoodie or jacket it is far to cold!! So  the below hoody is super cute to throw on over your gym outfit.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 01.15.59

Black Hoodie by Ivy Park Was £45.00 Now £36.00


Lastly is an iconic brand that has been around forever and although lots of new brands have entered the fitness market. They have still managed to stay relevant, have you guessed yet? Yes thats right NIKE I saved the best till last :P, how cute is this gym set? Not only does it have a really pretty design but it is fitted with DriFit technology to help keep the skin cool dry and comfortable whilst you workout.



Nike Marble Bra £16.00

Nike Marble Tights £48.00


Just to add Primark also do an amazing gym wear range, which is amazing quality and great value for money, so if you are looking for a sassy gym kit but don’t want to pay the above prices. You should definitely take a look. 

What are your favorite brands for Gym wear ladies? And what is your go to gym outfit? 

See you in th next post…. 

Lots of Love, 

Ria x


10 thoughts on “Stylish Gym-sets that will make you want to hit the gym asap.

  1. I’m deffo one of those girls who say I’m going to hit the gym but put it off 🤣 a cute gym kit deffo motivates you! Currently online purchasing the gym shark one 😍 great post as always

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m definitely a “I’ll start tomorrow” kinda girl when it comes to the gym. But if I felt half sexy in a gym kit it would definitely entice me to go. I’m definitely going to check out primary and get my butt into gear. I love your picks 😍😍


  3. I was looking for workout clothes for a yoga Retreat I’m doing in a few weeks for AGES and I couldn’t find them anywhere! Where was this post when I needed it! Love those pink leggings 🙂 xxx


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